Picking flowers with Emil

 49,00 VAT included

Flower picking special with Emil in a relaxed atmosphere.

During the short tour through the garden you can ask me anything you want and get particularly deep insights into our nursery.

We pick the flowers together, then everyone can make bouquets as they wish, fill a vase they have brought with them, or arrange the flowers at home.
If we feel like it, we might have a sip of Prosecco or enjoy the sun with a coffee.

Registration is not necessary, just show up at the appointment time. Please bring cash to pay.

A small bucket of flowers costs €25, a large bucket costs €50. You can fill these with the flowers of your choice. 🙂

🌸 Where? Doll's nursery, Leopoldauer Strasse 140, 1210 Vienna. Easy to reach by public transport, bike or car.
🌸 When? according to the dropdown selection.
🌸 We will take around 1 to 2 hours.

If you have any questions beforehand, just send us an email.

Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space. Durability is only guaranteed with correct care.

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