Many Viennese flowers available - dahlias, cosmos, scabious and much more. <3


Our Story

Established in 1993 by Bernd & Karin Doll in Josefstadt

Karin Doll grew up in Josefstadt and at the beginning of 1993 she was offered to take over a classic Viennese flower shop.

This offer was accepted after careful consideration by Karin and Bernd Doll - married since September 1993 - and so we opened our shop on November 3, 1993 in Florianigasse - where today the excellent Italian restaurant Delizia is located.

After 6 years the shop was much too small and in 2000 we moved around the corner to the Long Alley 62 - our current location.

Various storage areas in Vienna (total approx. 700 m²) were rented in the coming years for the event area in order to accommodate all candlesticks, vessels, vases, pedestals and the like.

2021 - an important and eventful year. Since then we have been running a nursery in Vienna Floridsdorf and produce our own cut flowers in natural, unique quality.
You can find more about this in the menu under 'gardening'.

Bernd - born in Salzburg - feels very comfortable in Vienna, at least since the children were born in Vienna - but will always remain a real bull washer at heart.

Karin - equipped with a gifted sense of color takes care of the final sale.

Emil - the junior boss with full passion and lifeblood since 2017. Heart projects: the nursery, the web shop, great events, the shop and the team. Not to forget the urge to bring floristry in Austria to a contemporary level and style.

Anyone who has ever been with us knows why this extraordinary concept has proven itself for more than 26 years.

Our entire team's love of flowers and decorations speaks for itself.

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