Modern bouquet

Loose, wild bouquet with beautiful, mixed flowers - interpreted in a modern way. Colours, flowers etc. change with each bouquet.

We recommend a budget of €70 or more to be able to use the most beautiful flowers of the season.


Shelf life: very good 5-10 days, depending on variety and care.

Shipped in paper.

Durability is only guaranteed with proper care. Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space.

Angled cut when changing water.

Budget recommendation:  70,00

Minimum budget:  40,00

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That means "Bundwise"

Regional Favorable zero waste

“Bundweise” means a bunch of flowers of the same variety. You get twice as many flowers for the same money, and you can get creative yourself. We get 90% of our flowers from our and other nurseries in Vienna. In this way, the flowers reach your home directly from the fields of Vienna.

by bunch