48,00 -  198,00 VAT included

We know you love roses! Various poly roses bound with seasonal greenery to create a timeless classic. The perfect romantic surprise!

Symbolic photos – large to extravagant bouquets / Seasonal differences are always possible with bouquets.


Shelf life: very good 5-10 days, depending on variety and care.

Shipped in paper.

Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space. Durability is only guaranteed with correct care.

Angled cut when changing water.

About our bouquets

Unique  top quality Creative

With our bouquets we always try to create new creations for our customers. Our team of florists is always working on new combinations to beautify your home. As with our bundle products, we primarily process flowers from the region.


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small bouquet 48,-, medium-sized bouquet 72,-, large bouquet 98,-, magnificent bouquet 146,-, extravagant bouquet 198,-