Wiener Cosmea | A bunch

 30,00 VAT included

Nice bundle of beautiful cosmeen in different colors (depending on the harvest), white, pink, yellow, fuchsia etc. - the stem lengths & colors are slightly different with each harvest - approx. 50cm

Wonderful colors and delicate flowers. When the first flowers fade, they should be pinched off so that the buds in the vase bloom.



Shelf life: very good 5-10 days, depending on variety and care.

Bred by us at Doll's Gärtnerei in Vienna. With lots of love and experience. Organic without organic certificate.

Shipped in paper.

Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space. Durability is only guaranteed with correct care.

Angled cut when changing water.

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That means "Bundwise"

Regional Favorable zero waste

“Bundweise” means a bunch of flowers of the same variety. You get twice as many flowers for the same money, and you can get creative yourself. We get 90% of our flowers from our and other nurseries in Vienna. In this way, the flowers reach your home directly from the fields of Vienna.

by bunch