Close to nature & fresh from Vienna.

Vienna Flower Association

 30,00 VAT included

A bundle of seasonal, magnificent flowers fresh from Vienna and the surrounding area.

CAUTION: - in the cold season, this may be supplemented with flowers and greenery from other EU countries, unfortunately there are now and then 'production holes' in Austria with little or no domestic goods. With the Viennese bouquet of flowers, regionality, seasonality and climate-friendly flowers are always used as much as possible.

Shelf Life: Varies by flower, variety, care and other factors.

Cultivated in various nurseries in Vienna, supplemented with flowers from the EU in the cold season if necessary. With lots of love and experience.

Shipped in paper.

Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space. Durability is only guaranteed with correct care.

Angled cut when changing water & remove most leaves.

That means "Bundwise"

Regional Favorable zero waste

“Bundweise” means a bunch of flowers of the same variety. You get twice as many flowers for the same money, and you can get creative yourself. We get 90% of our flowers from our and other nurseries in Vienna. In this way, the flowers reach your home directly from the fields of Vienna.

Additional information

waistband size

small bunch of flowers, medium bunch of flowers, big bunch of flowers, very big bunch of flowers, several small bunch of flowers, several big bunch of flowers (a sea of ​​flowers)