Many Viennese flowers available - dahlias, cosmos, scabious and much more. <3

care Tips

Care tips for cut flowers.

Care tips for cut flowers in general, explained using hydrangeas, roses and peonies. Watch our video on cut flowers

  Carefully remove leaves and thorns

  Don't injure the stem

  Cut the stalk diagonally

  Plenty of fresh and clean water


Twigs and shrubs care tips.

Simple tips for arranging and caring for flowering twigs and branches. The twig should be pinched and the leaves should be separated, sometimes gently, so that the flowers get more water.

  Carefully remove leaves and twigs

  Don't injure the stem

  Pinch the stem diagonally

  Plenty of fresh and clean water


Tips for caring for grasses.

Care tips for grasses simply explained - How to arrange and care for grasses in a vase. In this way, your grasses will be preserved for a long time.

  Clean vase, clean water

  Do not put leaves or broken grass remains in the water

  Cut clean