The Flower Bucket.

 50,00 -  90,00 VAT included

A classic flower pot filled with various unpolished Flowers at a super deal price. For those who want to be creative themselves, we offer this unique option. This standardized tub is used by almost all nurseries, flower shops and florists worldwide. We reinterpret this. A selection of flowers to arrange yourself from start to finish. Attention - the selected size does not always refer to the bucket size! Eg if the small size is ordered, a large bucket may also be delivered and vice versa. The size mainly refers to the quantity and choice of flowers!

Bred in Italy, if available also from Austria. With lots of love and experience.

Shipped in bucket. You are welcome to return it with a further delivery, or if possible bring flowers to Dolls.

Durability is only guaranteed with proper care. Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space.

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That means "Bundwise"

Regional Favorable zero waste

“Bundweise” means a bunch of flowers of the same variety. You get twice as many flowers for the same money, and you can get creative yourself. We get 90% of our flowers from our and other nurseries in Vienna. In this way, the flowers reach your home directly from the fields of Vienna.

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