Austrian Standard Tulips | 50 bunch

 39,00 VAT included

Handpicked colorful tulips.

Bred by Angeloff Nursery.

If necessary, we use the paper from the nursery to save packaging material - it can be a bit earthy.

Shelf life: very good 5-10 days, depending on variety and care.

Bred by the Angeloff nursery on the border with Vienna.

Durability is only guaranteed with proper care. Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space.

Straight cut when changing water.


That means "Bundwise"

Regional Favorable zero waste

“Bundweise” means a bunch of flowers of the same variety. You get twice as many flowers for the same money, and you can get creative yourself. We get 90% of our flowers from our and other nurseries in Vienna. In this way, the flowers reach your home directly from the fields of Vienna.

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