The flower box

 75,00 -  150,00 VAT included or subscribe and up to 15% save up

Reusable Fresh Flowers and Vaserl Box - Perfect for a decoration such as a dinner with friends, a small wedding or just - Why not?

You can use the flower box order once or at a discounted rate weekly/biweekly or subscribe monthly. – The subscription can be canceled or changed at any time.
If at some point you have too many vases and boxes, you can also return them undamaged, the 'deposit' per box is - small box & vases 25 / large box & vases 50.

Shelf Life: Varies by flower, variety, care and other factors.

Cultivated in various nurseries in Vienna, supplemented with flowers from the EU in the cold season if necessary. With lots of love and experience.

Durability is only guaranteed with proper care. Change the water every two days and arrange in a clean vase with enough space.

Angled cut when changing water & remove most leaves.

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